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An annotated selection of texts written by Charlotte Palmer circa 1786

Figure 3

Welcome to the e-edition of three extracts from Three instructive tales for little folk by Charlotte Palmer.  


    Through the exploration of a song, a ballad and an excerpt of prose, this e-edition will consider the didactic approach employed in the eighteenth century to provide young girls with an education that was deemed appropriate.


    Focussing on the middling class, Morals, Modes and Modification will introduce the reader to the beginnings of formalised schooling for young women at a time when the potential for equality in education for both sexes was being considered for the first time.


    Ultimately, however, it will demonstrate that the values of equality harnessed by the beginnings of proto feminism during The Enlightenment, were disregarded in favour of an ideological belief in a woman’s place in society.    


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